Our Team

Meet the Founders

Why choose Us.

From electrical engineering and mechanical design to front and backend software development, we have the full stack of skills needed to bring our product to market.

Our Connections.

Additionally, we’ve developed strong ties with the Philly health sector, from PBMs to insurance to doctors who are willing to serve as beta testers for our product.


Christopher Lee

Chris is the face of the company, and as such drives the external growth of the company. He is in charge of filling out the applications for funding, creating company slide decks, and delivering sales/presentation pitches for the company. He will serve as the main liaison and point of contact between our sources of funding (funds, investors, prospective clients) and the company.

Chris is in charge of designing and implementing the web frontend and any other frontend deemed necessary by the company.


Johnny Wang

As the most talented engineer on the team, Johnny is the head of product. He is in charge of making sure all other product work is being completed up to his engineering standards, and he is in charge of advising the best path forward for the product to achieve its goals determined by the market in terms of SaaS solutions, custom solutions, and other costs needed to make the product as successful as possible.

He is also responsible for the overall UX design, quality assurance, devops, security standard, and corporate network governance. Johnny is in charge of implementing the backend of the company product.


Robert Zhang

Robert’s two main roles as COO are to drive the internal well-being of the company, and to head market research and product iteration. In term of operations, he is in charge of bookkeeping funds, maintaining/enforcing company policy & culture, making sure the company is following its roadmap in terms of market metrics & expansion, and reducing friction within company operations. In terms of market research and iteration, Robert is in charge of booking, planning, and executing meetings with clients and mentors (not investors) to further understand the market, and then draft detailed suggestions for product iteration.

Robert is in charge of designing and implementing the physical hardware product to fit the discovered market: CADing & Electronics, to make sure the physical product performs its advertised tasks flawlessly.

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