PillBot for the Patient

An intuitive and secure Pill Bottle for the patient

Short Overview.

To gain access to medication, all the patient has to do is check when the light is flashing, indicating it's time to take their pill. All they have to do is confirm with a dual button press and PillBot will automatically dispense.

Only dispenses medication according to the doctor’s prescribed schedule. It serves a convenient reminder system for the patients to know exactly when they need to take their pills.

  • Under 4 inches tall
  • Under $10 to produce
  • Reusable from patient to patient
  • Measured and timely dispensing
  • Completely secure to prevent addiction
  • Logs medication use

Easy Reminder System

For a patient, all they have to do to know when it's time to take their medication is check and see if the green indicator light is lit.

Once checking the light, the patient confirms with a dual button press and a pill will drop out of the opening on the front of the device.

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