PillBot for the Doctor

A comprehensive Data Platform that makes smart recommendations
Mac iPad

Short Overview.

Doctors have access to a full database tracking chances of addiction by unauthorized button presses and other interactions with the bottle.

After the PillBot has been returned to the pharmacy and data is collected, the doctor can view a list of customized recommendations for better treatment the next time around.

  • Smart Data Suggestions
  • Asynchronous Processing
  • Immediate Data Syncing


Rapid Data Transer and Charge Port

Once a used PillBot is plugged in, it immediately begins syncing data while simultaneously charging, making it as ready as possible for the next use.

Our customized docking stations send specific instructions to the PillBot to indicate to a pharmacist when it's ready for deployment and distribution to a patient.

Prescription Platform

Easily sync a doctor's prescription into a PillBot device

Size Accounted

Crozz-references for pill size against a database to recommend the perfect PillBot

Simple UI

Easy-to-understand layout to fill in prescription information and data

Data Transferrance to Doctor

Option to send adherence data from a recently returned PillBot to doctors

Secure and Wireless

Connectivity over SIM ensures it will work without any pharmacy-side setup

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