Meet PillBot.
The Future of the Pill Bottle.

A completely secure, automatic, mini pill dispenser providing effective medication adherence.


Dollars wasted annually by insurance on addictive medication overuse
Patient Accountability
over the course of a prescription with addictive medication
% of patients
claim they overtake medication on a daily basis
Million Americans
Develop an addiction to opioids after being given a prescription from their doctor

PillBot for the Patient

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Dispensing: Measured and Timely


Outside patient medication access restricted. Flashes an LED when it’s time to take medication and dispenses when patient confirms with dual button press.

Small and Inexpensive

Comparable to Pill Bottle

Size of a Pill Bottle with both a very low cost and reusability from patient to patient.

Logs Medication Use

Data Analytics

Connects pharmacies, doctors, and patients by storing patient adherence data and performing predictive data analytics to increase patient adherence and value of treatment.


PillBot for the Pharmacist

Pharmacies can simultaneously charge and sync data after plugging used PillBots into a fully funtioning array of devices.

This array is synced up to our HIPPA-compliant Google Cloud platform and provides predictive data analytics on synced data

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PillBot for the Doctor

Data Analytics Platform offers increased patient adherence and value of treatment Learn More

HIPPA Compliant

Google Cloud Platform keeps patient data safe and secure.

Asynchronous Processing

Live data translation into actionable data for doctors to improve treatment.

Instant Data Transfer

Docking station immediately sends patient data to our server after pharmacist docks PillBot.

Secure Database

Encrypted at-Rest across three regions with real-time updates from core API services.

PillBot Team

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